Who can ask for more when you have beautiful weather in a rustic location and a large group of people ready to enjoy their long-awaited vacation?
We had a week to discover the surroundings of Albufeira which is one of the most popular destination in the Algarve area.

I really enjoyed my stay there. The people are very laid back and friendly and a lot of them speak English, probably because a lot of British like to spend the summer holiday there. We had some really nice, secluded beaches near the villa but we spent most of the time by the pool because the ocean was just too cold to swim.

We spent the last day of the trip in Lisbon, trying to see as much of the city as we could. I’d really like to come back there one day and to see more of it but my first impression was that Lisbon is very similar to Barcelona but less crowded.

When the night came we went to Bairro Alto which is a neighborhood famous for its bars and Fado Restaurants. If you ever find yourself wandering on the narrow streets of Bairro Alto I suggest you should check out Cafe Luso. Although it’s rather expensive it is worth it for the great live Fado music.

Some of my favorites from this trip:

Portugal 2009 trip

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