Lauren & Mike

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of documenting the beautiful wedding of Lauren and Mike. The wedding took place
at The Oaks Lodge, on the shore of Chippewa Lake, near Cleveland.

I am so grateful that they choose me to document their day. It was very moving to see how deeply in love they are. It was like a reminder of why I love weddings so much.

They had lip shaped whistles to blow instead of clinking glasses, board games for the guests, Guitar Hero, lots of dinosaurs, robots, and giraffes.

Here are some of my favorites from their day.

The Oaks Lodge Cleveland wedding
Wedding details
Wedding decorations
Pictures used as wedding placecards
Wedding shoes
Wedding dress
Getting ready
Bride putting makeup on
Bridesmaids getting ready
Bride getting her dress on
Bridal portrait
Bride getting ready
Bridal party getting ready
Bride portrait
Bride portrait
Maid of honor
Wedding cake with robot cake toppers
Groom getting ready and groom suit detail
Groom and his mother
Groom and sister
Groom and best man getting ready
Best man helping the groom to get ready
The groom and his groomsmen
Portraits of the groom
Groom rehearsing wedding vows
Groom waiting for the ceremony to start
Wedding party playing Guitar Hero
Groom and best man playing Guitar Hero
Groomsmen waiting for the ceremony to start at the bar
The mother and grandmother of the bride
The mother of the bride helping bride's grandmother to get ready
Wedding party waiting at the bar
The groom and groomsmen waiting for the ceremony to start
The Oaks Lodge Cleveland wedding ceremony
Bride and groom at the The Oaks Lodge Cleveland wedding ceremony
Bride and groom
Cleveland wedding
Wedding portraits
Bride and groom
Cleveland wedding cocktail hour
Wedding guests
Cake cutting
Best man toasting
Mother of the groom
Mutants at table 9
Groom and the mother of the groom dance
Groom and father
Bride and groom first dance
Wedding dance
Bride and groom dancing

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