Sutliff Cider Wedding – Dani + Matt

Sutliff Cider is a beautiful barn located in Lisbon, Iowa. It’s close to both Iowa City and Cedar Rapids and a great choice if you are planning an outdoor rustic wedding. Dani and Matt had their Sutliff Cider Wedding during the fall – my favorite time to photograph outdoor and barn weddings.

Dani and Matt invested a lot of time and effort creating beautifu, DIY decorations. Lots of inspiration in the photos below. My favorites were the signs with custom calligraphy and the floral arrangements.

No outdoor wedding is complete without awesome food. And they had plenty of that. Dani and Matt had Maggie’s Farm come and cater. They have a mobile wood fired oven pizza. How awesome is that?

I had a blast shooting at Sutliff Cider and I would love to get back there. If you are planning a barn wedding please get in touch !

Exterior photo of the Sutliff Barn

There’s a beautiful, big lawn next to the barn. Perfect for setting up a few games for the guests!

Big lawn in front of the Sutliff Barn Flower Centerpieces for a barn wedding Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-06 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-05 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-08 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-07 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-10 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-09 Hand Written Sign for an outdoor wedding Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-11 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-13 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-16 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-15 sutliff cider wedding - bride and bridesmaid Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-17

The orchard is such a beautiful place some bride and groom portraits!

Bride and groom photos in the Sutliff Cider orchard Beautiful bridal boquet Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-26 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-28 Bride and Groom photos atSutliff Cider Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-29 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-31 sutliff cider wedding - beautiful lawn Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-34   Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-36 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-37 sutliff cider wedding Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-40

Having a wood fired oven pizza at a wedding is an instant hit with the guests!

Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-41 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-42 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-43 Sutliff-Cider-Wedding-Dani-Matt-44


If you would like to see some more Sutliff Cider wedding photos, drop me a line and I will share the whole gallery with you.

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